Friday, August 7, 2009

Humanity Will Suffer-Demo 2009-77%

Ahh, brutal death metal. Aside from death/metalcore, this could be the most controversial and hated genres in all of metal. But I managed to track down this band, Humanity Will Suffer, from chilly Ontario. But despite their cold location, the music they put out is anything but drab, dull, and flat. However, they could use more direction in their work.

First off, the guitars. The first word that will come to your mind is lead (the metal), because these guitars are tuned really low. The riffing is pretty standard for brutal death, but it works and the speed is insane.
The one thing that brings the guitars down is the substandard production. Given, they are an unsigned band, but making the guitars a bit crisper would greatly increase the brutality and quality of the songs.

The bass. It's there. But it's really not too audible, instead adding low end and increasing the overall level of brutality and heaviness. Not much more to say.

The drums are a whole other bag of chips. This drummer is quite good. He's fast and pretty technical too. But he needs to TURN THE SNARE DOWN. That being said, I like the drums. His fills are timed pretty well, there were a few places where he got off tempo, but the recovery was almost immediate. If HWS mixed the drums a little bit better, the album would sound amazing.

Aaaaaaaaaand the vocals. This guy sounds like Chris Barnes from Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under. The typical pattern is alternating from low "cookie monster" growls to harsh high vocal. He also tends to throw pig squeals in there, which are extremely annoying. Mostly he stays away from the highs, though, which is good, because they are not his strong suite.

The song structure is generally similar for the 3 songs on this demo, but all the riffing is different. The main drag on this album is the breakdowns. These are where the guitars slowwwwwww down, and the vocals change to the annoying pig squeals. Minus that, the demo is fairly good. If HWS progresses as bands such as Cannibal Corpse did, the metal community is in for a real treat in the genre of brutal death metal.

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