Friday, July 10, 2009

Everwhere-Black Dawn-89%

When I first came upon Everwhere, I was on a search for the heaviest thrash I could find. I found these guys, and after contacting one of the members, I received a high quality recording of the new EP, Black Dawn.

First of all, for all thrash fans out there, these vocals are atypical of thrash. Blomquist's vocals are very unique. The only way to describe them is a cross between Miland Petrozza from Kreator and Petri Lindroos from Norther. He puts a lot of emotion into his vocals, as seen in the song "Awake". Though compared to Petrozza, he never resorts to straight up shouting, instead keeping his vocals harsh enough to satisfy most death metal fans, yet loud and hate filled enough to satisfy most hardcore thrashers.

The guitars are what you'd expect in a thrash metal release-heavy, distorted to hell and back, blisteringly fast and technical solos. However, the riffs in and of themselves, while being unique and heavy, were not as fast as I would have liked. Still, the guitarists show their skill in all songs, but most notibly the solo in "Claustrophobic".

The bass is...wait for it...actually audible! Most of Jherry Karlsson's basslines follow the guitars, which works well, and adds to the heaviness. I would like to see him stand out a bit more in the next record, but, hey, it works. One of his most notible parts is his solo on "Two-Face".

Mika Määttä is actually quite good. His double kick drum rolls can be heard over everything else, and he shows his skill, but unfortunately, I don't believe he was playing to the top of his ability. His drumming did stand out in a number of places, such as the beginning and end of the title track, and his quick feet on "Two-Face".

Overall, this is a fairly good and solid record. It makes you want to start a mosh pit on the spot and wonder why your stereo won't go any louder. I'm looking forward to further releases from this up and coming thrash band.

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